Double tapping with fingers causing undo


I’m using version 3.8.1(4776) and have a bit of a problem.

If I draw something simple such as a square, then extrude it into a body all is well.


If I then use the pencil to tap on a face of the extruded cube, then double tap anywhere (on the face or off of it) with my fingers, the “undo” operation is triggered instead of the view re-orienting to that face for me to continue sketching with. Sometimes the undo ocurs multiple times - the status message at the top shows “undo x3” for example.

I can’t stop S3D from doing this.

I’ve tried with new designs, existing small play designs and I’ve even completely stopped and re-started S3D on my iPad but the double tap with fingers still causes the undo action - with or without any faces selected.

Is there a setting or other action I can take that I’ve missed that will turn this behavior off?

If its a problem with this version, how can I get information from the program to you to help locate the issue?


If you tap with two fingers=undo. Double tap with one finger=cam orientation. Are you sure that you are double tapping with one finger?

Thank you!! Sorry to have bothered you with such a simple mistake.
(I wonder when/why I started tapping with two fingers? Obviously recently)

All is good though, I have learned something new and I just experimented using three fingers and triggered “redo” :smiley:

This makes me wonder if there are other multiple finger gestures possible?

It also helps explain when sometimes I put my palm on the screen an undo occurs - the machine briefly thinks two fingers have been tapped on the screen.

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re: "This makes me wonder if there are other multiple finger gestures possible?

Yes PitaB, there is one that I’ve considered a number of times - the 5 finger tap (all curled into a fist.) But that’s related to my own inadequacies, not the app! :slight_smile:

Currently there aren’t any more. (Besides the obvious ones, like the camera)