2D cookie cutter shapes

Hi I’m trying to cut a 2D hexagon shape into a 2D box so that when i revolve there are separate hexagon shapes every inch in the resulting 180 degree body. My goal is to create a bowl shape body with these hexagonal holes arranged in pattern radially from center of bowl

There is a polygon tool:

Are you trying to make something like this?

I was looking for basically a honeycomb in the shape of a bowl

Is this what you are trying to do?


That is exactly it! I’m still new and need to discover how to use all the tools. Not sure how to accomplish that

Here’s how I did it. Extrude a hex hole. Then select the inner sides of the hex. Next use Copy-Move-Rotate. Note that the center of the Move-Rotate tool is at the center of the bowl at the rim.


Dude! Your my freaggin hero right now!!! Gonna give that a go in the mornin’! Thanks a bunch!

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