Honeycomb tube

Hi, my name is Olivier and I’m trying to make a honeycomb tube but I have no idea how to start…

Does anybody have an idea ?


Use the polygon sketch feature and select the hexagon. You should be able to go on from there :slight_smile:

as suggested by @SM1 :grinning:

If you were thinking at something like the next picture, it is much more complicated.



For this I extruded a hexagon, rotated if (new body selected) 15 deg. Selected all. Moved them up (new body selected). Selected. All and repeat. I moved all resulting bodies into anew folder (easier to select later). Them extruded a tube (new body). Select the tube then choose subtract…… select the folder with the hexagons. Done.strong text

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Thank you all, that’s exactly what I need for the first step of my project.

I hope to be able to do the next steps !!