How to make a honeycomb pattern

Hi guys, I work in film and television. I have been asked to make a snoot for a light. The snoot is a box that fits on a light and focuses the beam. At the end of the snoot will be a honeycomb pattern made up of 1/4" hexagons. I need to make the honeycomb 14.5" by 11.75" and the honeycomb depth will be 1.5" I am having trouble making the honeycomb. Anyone have an idea?

I will eventually print this.

TY for your time.


John, go to the Polygon tool, in Sketch. Select the Polygon tool, then tap the little black triangle and select one of four shapes. That should allow you to create, then duplicate them. Tom

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Point of advice for repetitive patterns: When duplicating your hexagons, make extensive use of the “Copy+Rotate” tool to bring your new ones into being, rather than “Copy+Move.” While the two should accomplish the same thing, for repetitive operations the Move tool carries the risk of accidentally misinputting the wrong value somewhere and creating tiny gaps between in your sketch walls that can frustrate you later. When you want to create an interlocking pattern of shapes, setting your Origin to the Master shape’s corner and using Copy+Rotate ensures that one corner of the shape you’re duplicating never leaves contact with its parent.

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