Image views orientation

I use Shapr3D for furniture design. I start in front view. Since the latest two updates (one this morning) when I go to isometric view the view is from behind. Now in order to see a front view in isometric easily I need to use the rear view as front view when designing something.

Does anyone have this issue?

I see this as an old post but can find no reply’s.
Is it possible to change the double tap view from Top, Left, Back to a more usable Top, Left or Right, Front?
What is the reasoning for an isometric view of the back?


Hi David,

Unfortunately this is not possible yet - but eventually we will be able to offer customizations.

Does Shapr3D allow users to defeature a solid and make it a dumb solid. Would this be the best option to make files smaller and more manageable? If so can machining features be added to a dumb solid?
Dave P.

That wouldn’t help with this issue. we also don’t have a feature history so to speak, so your bodies are what you see

For view orientation, I would really like to see circular arrows up in the top right corner surrounding the cube giving possibilty to circulate the current view 360. Kind of like you have for move/rotate command although only for view orientation.