2D Drawings not in Ortho

If my assembly or sub assembly (3d model) is not parallel or perpendicular to the Shapr Coordinate system, my 2D drawings appear isometric and not the required orthographic. How do I rectify this please?


I have this problem from time to time too.

The only workaround I’ve thought of is to make a copy of the assembly elsewhere in the design space and rotate it to be parallel to the grid.
It is bothersome if I make change and have to go thru the process again.

But major changes require all new drawings anyway because deleting or adding a component breaks the previous drawing. (That’s a different issue so I digress)

Edit: typo

I’ll give it a try thanks. Would help if I could do the “align” function using an assembly and not just one body, especially if I’m trying to square up a sub assembly on a compound angle. I will try it now, thankyou.

By the way, drawings should update automatically (or at least prompt you to click “update drawing”) if you make a change to the model.