3.24 is out - with new handles and copy badge

We’ve just released the 3.24 version with a major redesign of handles. New looks and additional functionality. Here are all the things you can find in the new update:

New, smarter handles - with copy badge

Revamped handles for both ortho and isometric views. Move, rotate and copy without opening a tool

The new handles will always adjust to your view, and copy-pasting will be right under your fingertips with the new badge. Read more

New Scale tool


Scale and copy your bodies with a new dedicated tool - now available under Transform tools. Read more

We remember your last selections - Undo will bring them back


If you accidentally tap away and lose your selections, tap undo and Shapr3D will bring your previous selections back

Control over tooltip videos for new users

No automations, tap on the info bubble to play the video.


STL import

We fixed the issue with not showing Shapr3D as an option when AirDropping an STL file on iPadOS

Exported meshes

We’ve optimized the visualisation experience keeping the same high quality of mesh


Great to see you guys continue to innovate. Keep up the great work!


Congratulations to the S3D Team for the great work and delivering these substantial improvements.

The ability for Undo to bring back Previous Selections when tired hands ‘dither’ or mis-tap after making many selections is an absolute boon. Selecting all Edges, to Round or Fillet, on a complex Body that has to be Rotated to multiple positions to achieve the objective makes it easy to ‘drop’ a load of Selections. Now all instantly recoverable in one click, absolutely brilliant.

The Scale Tool is much nicer to use and definitely a very good improvement. The smoothness of the scaling is much appreciated. Separation from Move/Rotate makes the latter less ‘busy’. While ‘enjoined’ with Move/Rotate the Scale Handle never seemed to be in the correct position needed to effect the Scaling process.
It would be good to have the choice of tapping the Control to gain immediate access to Typing a Value.

Move/Rotate Tool has always been my favourite and I am delighted with the improvements. The ability to relocate the ‘centre of action’ has always existed but the compact nature of the updated tool makes it super useful. This has always been my ‘goto’ Tool for Moving and the combination of it’s fine and tight control with ease of positioning the controls adds to the S3D magic.
It would be most useful if the Controls could regain their Axis Colours.
It would be super useful if the ‘Auto On by Selection Move/Copy’ and Move/Rotate Tools could be combined into one Tool. Or perhaps either be Tool chosen as Default? Alternatively the ability to switch between the two Tools by, say, Finger Tap/Hold + Pencil Tap on the Centre Control?

Thanks again for giving us even more to love.

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More Move/Rotate improvements are incoming

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Thanks for the info, I am very happy with the way S3D handle the ‘wishes and wants’ list, and never cease to be amazed at the rate you progress development.
Every day S3D still reveals something new and often before the latest find is fully explored there is another new feature or facility to learn and enjoy.
Users do not need patience they just need the ability to keep up with your pace.
Kudos to all at Shapr3D :sunglasses::+1: