3.60 crash

Just installed the last beta on my mac mini and I can’t open it!
Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 7.35.19 AM|626x500

Of course there is one project I didn’t save properly. Any help guys? What can i do?

It is a long shot but hold down the shift key while opening the app. This will keep it from loading the preferences. I assume this won’t help but worth a shot.


We have identified the issue, and will release a fixed version for it later today.

Thanks for your patience!

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Fix is out in 3.60.1

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you. Is that normal that the faces of my sketches don’t get blue anymore when I click on it? Also I created planes and can’t see them…

Dear developers, after the update it is simply not possible to work with it. Permanent shutdown when working with objects, copying, selections! Opening the program itself takes a lot of time.


Could you both give us some more information? Which app version are you using now, OS version, your device model, these would help us investigate. A video might help too, as well as the workspace itself.


Beta version on Mac Mini. Also I really liked the layout of the software before with “discover, designs, learn and settings” category on the bottom. The only thing that was frustrating was that the forum didn’t work as well as in my browser.

Also I don’t like in “design” to see what is on my mac because obviously now I save the important project as .shapr (so that if the software crash I don’t loose everything like it happened to a lot of us) and project show twice (the one in my software library and the one on my mac)

As Antey85 said (hey buddy) impossible to work with that new update. You create plans that are invisible but can still select them and move them if you know where they are. When saving something as .shapr it shows as a white page icon instead of a shapr3d icon.

Hi, Laci. Here is version of app

No news on this???
I still can’t use my software correctly. The faces don’t turn blue when I select them.
Am I the only one having so many issue with 3.60.1930??

We did what we could, but couldn’t reproduce the issue, thought the fixed version should solve it.

If you are still having problems, could you share your OS version, and device model? For any further investigation we would need the details, otherwise we can’t figure it out.


@Laci_Shapr3D Not sure if this will help you. But back when I used to make a lot of Mac apps I always found it helpful when the customer would send the crashlogs and I symbolicate those to see exactly where the crash is (assuming it was not a garbage reference count issue):

Those are usually located here:

I think I recall seeing your app uploading stuff like this via ?Crash-alytics? but sometimes the actual log is easier:

Here is some info for those who may not be super comfortable with getting to those folders:

Yea, we are using crashlytics, and crash logs, but sketch fillings not rendering locally won’t show up in there. :frowning:

yea, I meant for crashes.