3.7 beta is out on Testflight for Beta testers


I am reporting a strange thing. In the past, there were many times about issues that after closing and restarting the app the problem would resolve. Similarly, after the problem of STL & STEP exporting issues I emailed the support team the .shapr file and after they received and tested it, they understood that there was no problem with the files. So I asked them to re-send my file to me and after receiving that I rexamined it and surprisingly saw that there was no problem. Again I tested the original file which was on my iPad and again the problem would exist. So after considering similar issues for example about trimming, etc. I came to the conclusion that there is certainly a bug in the app yet that prevents app from right functioning which is going to be resolved after emailing and re-opening it.


Thanks guys, I will educate myself on DnD.




Strange but insightful! Hopefully the problem cause will be discovered and fixed?




I hope so Dear Tommy


Hi just tried to download the beta but I am having issues saying out of date



Pls let us know when the beta goes for the alpha so we can download from Appstore. Beta users are not able to be aware of that.


Yes - will make an announcement here- thanks for the suggestion


I suggest let users lock the “Groups” panel at their favorite locations, or try a gesture for it, since it’s usually very in demand. Once “tools” or any other panel is selected the Groups panel will be closed automatically.


I just maxed out my personal processor looking at that doodle!!!

Great work!!! :+1:t2::nerd_face:

I cringe what my arteries might look like after the abuse I did with this body / shell / vehicle :crazy_face:


I just reworked some old sketches of my kitchen countertops. My wife wants to replace the old tile with granite. So I need to get this right or I will be stuck between a rock and some slabs of very hard rock.

My issue is with the Trim tool. It is modal and requires a tap on my screen to dismiss. I don’t like to tap on my screen because you have to pay attention to pen droppings. Tiny little lines that may be created after Trim is dismissed. Would be much better if the Trim mode would auto-dismiss when you started drawing a line or arc and/or if the Trim mode would dismiss if you tap the Trim tool button. Having both of these capabilities would be great.

Thanks for listening.




Thanks it’s a real brain artery extracted from 3D rotational angiography images of the patient with minimum of my interference!
Haha! About your possible fear those are very tortuous in nature! But wish all to be healthy as much as possible!!! According to brain aneurysm foundation 1in50 has at least a brain aneurysm, and the foundation advises us to inform everyone about this fact.


That’s right Tommy and also:

The Pen button is present there for nothing! But occupying our limited modeling space more!

The spline button is for settings purposes; not like other buttons which you tap on and then do what they are named for (tap rectangle and draw a rectangle, circle4circle, ellipse4ellipse, etc), when you tap on spline it’ll not draw a spline and needs user’s force on screen via pencil.


Why can’t we see extremities of lines ?! Makes unsure when trying to draw continuously. All guiedes are on (vid and image attached)


Pls let us know what type of function the “hide badges” button has. Just to show/hide constraints?!


Yes, it’s jsut for showing hiding constraints. Re guides: not sure I understand what’s the problem there. Can you elaborate a bit please?


Hi Daniel - how do I download the beta software? Thanks.


Thanks that was just a question but I’d be thankful if you could give me some insight on my other questions stated above that post:



We are making significant changes in that menu, eg. the spline button will be removed. The pen will stay, because it indicates the current drawing mode, without it it would be impossible to switch back to the pen mode.

Regarding the guides: I don’t see from the video which guides are missing, can you elaborate please?


I wish you maintained the spline button but removed the need to force the pencil on screen via giving the new button an appropriate function. It makes everything much more faster and gives the creativity tens of steps further. Imagine if we want to draw a simple sinus-like curve, how much boring and stop-making the current force-based method is.

About the guides: look at the lines, you cannot see the tiny hollow circles at extremities of them, when gonna draw connected lines or curves, one might not be confident if he is placing the pencil tip on the right point or not.


What would be your desired flow for creating splines?