3.7 beta is out on Testflight for Beta testers


I prefer the method in the vid below

Once the spline is drawn, it could be modified with control points on it as shown below:


Ah, I see what you mean, you would like to be able to draw freehand curves. That’s definitely something that we will consider adding to the app.


Hope to see it soon


I suggest to move the menu to the middle bottom of the app screen. In this way, it’ll not be bothersome as it’s now


That would interfere with the measurement panel unfortunately :frowning:


Yes those (measurements) could be transferred to the middle top which is usually blank unless for a message during using tools, detached pencil, etc


But what would we do with the error message bubble then?


Well as nice as you know that error message will not overlap with measurements info ribbon forever! When a user selects an edge, volume or surface to receive an insight about their measurements, it’s not planned for an error message to appear on screen! Am I right?! Yet, the error message also could pop up at the very center and it’ll be meaningful too.


Interesting, we will definitely consider it.


Hi - I can add you to our Beta testing group if you are interested - please drop an email to daniel@shapr3d.com



I’ve just updated to the newest beta. Thanks for your efforts.
I should mention that in this beta when an edge is selected all other measurements are shown in contrast to the just previous beta. This again leads to noisiness.



I don’t find it cluttered for simple sketches like this one.

I wonder why it dimensions only some lines/sketches and not others…




Agree with you. Actually when sketches accumulate they’ll bother.
Yes, it has some problems!


Count me in


Sent you an invite through Testflight :slight_smile:


Only last drawn sketch and locked sketch dimensions’ annotations stay visible. We have reverted it back compared to the first beta, because we have encountered some major problems with introducing separated drawing and sketch editing mode. In the current beta there’s nothing new compared to the existing live version.


It would be great that now we are getting better sketching 2d tools to also have filet,and radius in the tools. It would speed the process up


Why don’t making a sketching menu like LibreCAD? Tanjencial tools, etc.


Do you mean Bevel/Round/Divide etc?


I refer to: circle or line tangential to two or three entities, poligons, etc.

Like the menus in the image (not the selected ones)