New release: 0.2.12


  • mirror, translate from/to, and rotate around axis options in the transform tool
  • regular views (left, right, top, bottom, front back)
  • adjustable grid (XY, YZ, ZX planes)
  • if you double tap on a face, the grid will move to the face
  • freeform surface tool completely revisited, lots of bugs fixed, now it should work much better
  • much better highlighting mechanism (selected/unselected states for shapes when using tools)

-fixed a bug that made the progress indicator disappear before finishing the import progress. That could be very confusing.
-fixed a bug that messed up the control points of periodic splines
-boolean operations are now faster in some cases

The new version will be available in an hour.

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And again some great enhancements. Excellent and thanks for the hard work.

Correction: it will be available, when the Mighty Gods Of Testflight decide to make it available.

Oh yessss mirror!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

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Great: iTunes Connect is down. The new release will be available when it is fixed. I don’t know why did we expect that Testflight will work properly. Just once.

Very nice! The transform, rotating a solid about an external axis is great. It would be nicer still to be able to repeat it or chose how many copies of the solid you want. I’m sure that is coming at some point. Not essential, but would speed up getting multiple copies of the solid at equal spacing/rotations.

There is bug in the revolve tool. If the arc is too small it skips details.

I am confused with the views. Front and top are rotating around the z axis while right goes to a correct side view. Front and right should show the object the same

There seems to be an issue when offset expand the vertical surface

The surfaces are not stitched together anymore.

Awesome Update! I found a bug with the freeform surface tool.

That STEP file is the one I was playing with. If you use the freeform surface tool on the surface with the hole in it, the app crashes immediately.

I am not sure I got it:

  1. Top looks in the -Y direction
  2. Bottom looks in the Y direction
  3. Right looks in the -Z direction
  4. Left looks in the Z direction
  5. Front looks in the -X direction
  6. Back looks in the X direction

Does that make sense for you?

On the revolve: it is a bug in the visualization, the shape is correct otherwise, if you would import it to another app, it would look OK. But I will fix it.

Yeah, the freeform surface tool does not support faces with holes yet. Hopefully later.

Hmm, thanks, I will look into this.

Yeah, probably later. Forgot to mention, but probably many of you have spotted that you can set the pivot point (center of the transformation) in the basic transform tool as well in this update.

So in most cad apps z is vertical.

So top would be looking along z

While front and right would be more or less considered side view.
Here an object I created in top view and below I then want side and front view to be.

Haha, that’s funny, actually that’s how it worked originally. And then we had some requests that Y should be vertical. So we changed that. But it can be changed easily. So how should it be?

Hi there - really love the new transform tool - it is now immensely powerful and really quick to use. The mirror tool is great - can think of a lot of uses for this. Also like the ability to rotate using a pivot point that I can set. Just one thought on this, it may just be me, but it took me a while to work out how to set the pivot point. It was the tapping on the transform button at the top of the screen bit after selecting the pivot point that I seemed to miss out - I kept looking for a button on the side of the screen (may just need something added to the explanation top left eg ‘tap on transform button at top of screen’. (on the other hand, I may just be being a bit slow this morning!)

The moveable grid is also great. I am just wondering if drawing on a surface could be helped if the grid showed through onto the surface itself and that the snap points worked as if you were drawing on the grid itself - I think you mentioned before that this may be a feature of future updates?

Anyway, great update and will enjoy experimenting with the new tools! Andy

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I’m used to y axis being vertical, which I think is standard for 3d modelling apps, but it may be different for CAD apps.

There is sadly no real y or z standard which is so confusing.

Can we maybe have an option for selecting either y or z?

We could. Can you check your mail?

Seem to have lost the ability to size a fillet or chamfer by tapping on the number and typing in the dimension. Unless it is done a different way now.

Doesn’t work for typing in a value in any function, ie, sizing a circle.