5.490 - Various bug fixes

Regular release updates

Apart from a few bug fixes, there’s nothing major going on in this release. Just bump up to 5.490 and keep modeling gorgeous stuff.

Beta release updates

  • New: Pattern step can now be edited in History.
  • New: You can now rename history steps.
  • New: Double-click or double-tap on a history step to roll the workspace back to that state.
  • New: History UI on iPadOS got up to speed with macOS and Windows.
  • New: You can now collapse all history items with the Alt/Opt+L shortcut.
  • Improved: History step and parameter names are now localized
  • Improved: Sketch profile naming is now a lot more robust. Hidden sketches and bodies won’t interfere anymore with the sketch profiles you see so the “Imprinting” option is no longer needed in the sketch step.
    • This new update may break existing workspaces made in the beta version. If you experience this issue, you can make the corrections in History.
    • To provide backup, the previous full geometry was copied to an additional folder in these workspaces.
  • Fixed: Several bug fixes and stability improvements.

Wow, this is a great improvement! Sketches works perfect on different planes, renaming the history steps is so much more clear to identify the design steps. Really very good job!!

No new update for me in Testflight. 5.473 is the newest Build. How do you get this?

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This is a FANTASTIC update!!! Many of the bugs in Beta on iPadOS have vanished! The pattern tool is 3D! Great job!

Can you please expand on “Sketch profile naming is now a lot more robust.”? I’m not sure what to look for there.

Thanks for an awesome update!

Check again. TestFlight on macOS has it.

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You might need to force quit Testflight and restart it, unfortunately it likes to get stuck and not show newer versions.

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Yeah i installed it this morning thx. Yesterday it doesnt show up for me.

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IThanks to the whole team.

Can you please expand on “Sketch profile naming is now a lot more robust.”? I’m not sure what to look for there.

“Naming” in this case is a bit of an internal technical term that refers to how we identify and remember geometries even if they change as the history changes. For example, let’s say that you create a cube, sketch a rectangle on its top face and constrain it to the sides of the cube and then extrude that rectangle further.

In you then go back and modify the base shape that the rectangle on the top face is constrained to, we can still identify that it is logically the same rectangle (even though its position and size changed) and apply the final extrusion to it.

This logic has been around since the first implementation of HBPM, but in this release we improved it significantly. There’s no one big thing that changed with it, but you should see way fewer weird bugs and artifacts as a result of history changes.


After a small test, a lot of the bugs are solved in this build. Overall it feels more stable at the moment and i can make more progress in my designs. It seems that the problems with the loft tool i had are solved duo to the fixed sketching planes errors. Thanks a lot i know that you are working hard to get all fine for the final release. Hope you got some loft tool upgrades in the final build or in the beta would beautiful to try something new in surface modeling. Great work.

Can you let me know how you constrained it to the sides of the cube? Did tried it but do not get the same result, so I guess you used another constrain method. Thnx!

Figured it out: lenght to the edges the same (but NOT lock the length) and make the sides parallel…
The more you work with it the better it get! :grinning: :+1:


Fantastic! Thanks for the details!

I have another BUG. I used to be able to double tap on an object and that would select the whole object Ie: a box. Right now, most of the time when I double tap on a ie:box side, it does not select the whole box. Very Very Very VERY… Frustrating.

Is this happening when you turn on Isolate?