3 Various Sketching and Modeling Questions


2 questions.

1 - I noticed the view when modeling is not in perspective, looks very clumbersome. How to change to persepctive view?

2 - Do others have issue with a very messy plan plane with all the sketch lines getting in the way. Any suggestion for keeping all my sketch lines organised, because when designing im going to have a lot of interations or lines that i put down that are not needed, so of them will still be needed as reference. wanting some layers that I have fade or lock.

3 - Just remembered another. Is there an X-ray view. When modeling I am often needing this sort of view.



  1. You can change the Field of View in the View / Appearance menu, from 0 (orthogonal) to 90 (perspective)

  2. We don’t have layers yet, however you can turn sketches into construction sketches, in that case they don’t interfere with the generation of sketch filling. You can always turn them back into normal sketches. Another workaround would be to create a construction plane, and move it up just a little above of the original sketch plane, though in this case you can’t directly connect the sketches on the different planes. You can still project the ones needed from one plane to the other using the Project tool.

  3. You can turn Hidden edges on / off from the View menu, or using command search.

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Thank you - got it!

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