Why is this happening

When I draw a line everything becomes visible this was never like this before


They become transparent, so you can see the sketch plane fully.

Laci_ ,
Thanks but how do we undo it, I find that drawing it much more difficult.


What is causing you a problem with this behaviour?

I find the drawing plane is set to one side/ axis. If I was trying to draw around an object it becomes almost difficult. I am sure it’s me (I am new) but I know what’s for me lol

Could you make a video which explains the problem?

Hello Laci , again thanks, I owe you a coffee!
Most of my drawing are for small 3D printing. My problem is drawing around corners.

However how can I keep in block view, before it goes into transparent?

If you want to draw on the other side, you need to change your sketch plane to that one. On the edge, you should see a small purple dot, indicating there is a line connecting there:

Thanks for that, but the old way was better( for me) , is there a way to go back the old way and not have transparent view ?

There is no way to go back.

That stinks, your video did help, but I feel like it’s extra steps to do something that was super easy. Thanks for all your help and I will continue to practice.

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