3D Logo

Hello, I want to create a 3D emblem plate with a Logo. I have the logo in jpeg format or CorelDraw. Can I import Corel Draw files into Shapr or do I need to redraw it in Shapr?
When I import it as picture and try to redraw it, it always selects the image layer when the pencil hits the display and I cant draw on the new layer

@Wolfgangh Welcome to the Forum.

Use Add > Construction Pane > Offset from face
The ‘face’ in this case being the Imported Image Plane by Double Tapping on it with your Finger.
From Next set the offset to choice, say 10mm, drag the image into 3D aspect to see the Double Ended Arrow.
Drag the Arrow in the appropriate direction and then Tap in, on the probably partly hidden dimension, the required distance of the Offset.
Double Tap on the Construction Plane to square up the image for sketching.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

Ok, got it so far. Started tracing the letters of the logo with a spline with fix points. Now I wonder how I could define a spline point as a corner, where 2 lines meet with 90 deg? The control handles of the spline point dont allow to be removed or shortened to zero. Can I somehow define the spline points as 90 deg angle points?

Not sure I fully understand what you want to achieve.

In the following the Horizontal and Vertical Splines are separate, two ends can be joined as shown:
Note: the Upper pair are Control Points and the Lower are Fixed Points.

If the above is not helpful you could attach a ScreenShot or more information about your requirement may be useful.

Just sketch the simple form, make a solid and chamfer that.
If you still need it in the sketch, project (in tools) the solid… Very easy.