AR using AR/Vr Googles

I am finishing my speaker design. I tried Ar tool a few times but never had a use case for using it. I tried my final design in Ar. Being able to try different materials and color before painting is wonderful. Then Placing my design on a table and walk around my design is pretty Amazing. NOW, Apple just announced their AR/VR glasses. It would be incredibly cool is if I could use the Apple glasses and the Oculus Quest 2 glasses to view in Ar my design. If I could use the Quest 2 glasses then I would buy those now. Since those are only around $400. And wait until the price drops on the Apple glasses to under $1000. Which might be 2 years from now. Can Shapr3D work with the Quest 2 now? I am thinking to design a version of the Daydream v3 googles I have. With a magnetic iPhone mount. Then that would be a cheep way to do Ar right now. Using Shapr3D.

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