3Dconnexion Support

I use a 3D connexion 3D mouse for all my 3D software because it’s SO much faster. It’s like flying with a jetpack around my model. I can fly right up to whatever I need to see.
I worked with Shapr3D Mac for a bit and navigation is really tedious because I’ve been spoiled by 3Dconnexion. I really don’t use apps that don’t support it. So that’s a real stumbling block for me.
Is that something you plan to implement?

The apps I use it with primarily are: Fusion360, Rhino 5, Modo 14, SketchUp and Blender.


Couldn’t agree more regarding the 3D mouse. With other input methods everything is a discrete step. Select too l> draw > select view tool > change view > draw etc.

On my workstation I have a 3D mouse on the left, extended keyboard centre and magic trackpad on the right. Totally seamless interaction … The only thing better would be to have the trackpad accept input from the apple pencil for scribbling notes or hand-drawing fine detail


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I stopped using 3D connexion SpacePilot in favour of putting magic trackpad on the left replacing 3D mouse, using mouse in right hand.
This came about with the Magic Trackpad add-in with Fusion360, since then I’ve not looked back.With BetterTouchTool I can have custom gestures and context menus from the trackpad which are better than offered by 3D connexion software.

I find this method great when docked at the desk, but also same experience if I use my MacBook out and about, no more carting around yet another accessory.

Give it a try, and let me know how you find it??

I forgot to mention, BTT also allows use of the touchbar, so I’m looking into adding context aware actions to mimic the behaviour of SpaceMouse Enterpise more closely. I don’t like the TouchBar but it’s there, so I might as well make it useful.

We are working on it!


Indeed we are :slight_smile:


That’s the very model I have. Perfect! Can’t wait.

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We can’t guarantee it will be ready by the time of the macOS launch, but if not, it will come soon after :slight_smile:


Yes, fantastic :clap:t2:

I can hardly wait. I’ve only been using space mouse for about a year, but it is a game changer.

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I’ve just started messing about with Shapr on macOS and I’d welcome the addition of 3D mouse support too. Hope you manage to get it out soon.

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We are on it! :slight_smile:


Greetings GJetson and fellow designers,

I am currently evaluating Shapr3D, so far I can see the potential of expanding to include this platform. I’ve been using SW for 5 years, the 3D mouse is essential for my proficiency.

I am not sure 3DConnexion support is yet available? Or perhaps not on the trial version?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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We are still in progress of implementing it, we will have some user test running on our prototype sometime next week, and so far looks good. Still needs some fine tuning, the basic functions are already working well. But they are not in the release app yet, so stay tuned!

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Check out Daniels post :slight_smile:

I’d like to test out the 3Dconnexion 60 minute beta. I have a 3Dconnexion Enterprise that I use with Fusion360, Modo15, Rhino and others.
Please put me on that list.

Thanks very much.

Gregg Johnson


Thank you :pray:

I’ve just reached out via email

Thanks to everyone who applied for the usability session so far :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

We still have a few spots left for early next week, feel free to reach out at daniel@shapr3.com to apply

Will it also work on the Ipad? Or is this a mac feature only?

Does the Spacemouse even work on the Ipad at all? :slight_smile:

3dConnexion doesn’t have a framework/driver for iPad, so it’s for mac and windows.

At some point in the future, I think iPadOS and macOS will actually merge, at that point, it will probably “automatically” work on iPads too.

A small teaser :slight_smile: