3Dconnexion Support

I use a 3D connexion 3D mouse for all my 3D software because it’s SO much faster. It’s like flying with a jetpack around my model. I can fly right up to whatever I need to see.
I worked with Shapr3D Mac for a bit and navigation is really tedious because I’ve been spoiled by 3Dconnexion. I really don’t use apps that don’t support it. So that’s a real stumbling block for me.
Is that something you plan to implement?

The apps I use it with primarily are: Fusion360, Rhino 5, Modo 14, SketchUp and Blender.


Couldn’t agree more regarding the 3D mouse. With other input methods everything is a discrete step. Select too l> draw > select view tool > change view > draw etc.

On my workstation I have a 3D mouse on the left, extended keyboard centre and magic trackpad on the right. Totally seamless interaction … The only thing better would be to have the trackpad accept input from the apple pencil for scribbling notes or hand-drawing fine detail


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I stopped using 3D connexion SpacePilot in favour of putting magic trackpad on the left replacing 3D mouse, using mouse in right hand.
This came about with the Magic Trackpad add-in with Fusion360, since then I’ve not looked back.With BetterTouchTool I can have custom gestures and context menus from the trackpad which are better than offered by 3D connexion software.

I find this method great when docked at the desk, but also same experience if I use my MacBook out and about, no more carting around yet another accessory.

Give it a try, and let me know how you find it??

I forgot to mention, BTT also allows use of the touchbar, so I’m looking into adding context aware actions to mimic the behaviour of SpaceMouse Enterpise more closely. I don’t like the TouchBar but it’s there, so I might as well make it useful.

We are working on it!


Indeed we are :slight_smile:


That’s the very model I have. Perfect! Can’t wait.

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We can’t guarantee it will be ready by the time of the macOS launch, but if not, it will come soon after :slight_smile:


Yes, fantastic :clap:t2: