5.10 - Sketch, model, and navigate with touchpad

Hi everyone!

Touchpad support is hot off the press :rocket: Get the most out of Shapr3D by choosing the input tools that work best for you โ€” pen, mouse, or touchpad. For more details and touchpad gestures, take a look at the Manual.

Image from Microsoft

On another note, we looked under the hood and did some fine-tuning:

  • Fixed: We ironed out the kinks in 2D Drawings, so adding geometries will be easier. For instance, the app wonโ€™t prevent you from adding center marks from the adaptive menu.
  • Fixed: The Sweep tool sometimes stalled when you activate it from the Tools menu, so we put that in order.
  • Fixed: We double-checked our code so itโ€™s guaranteed that your work is always saved. Even though data loss rarely happens, we like to be extra safe. You can take a breath now!
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