iPad positioning/ergonomics using Shapr

I’m new to Shapr on and IPad and am finding it almost impossible to have a steady hand for drawing or tracing, holding the pencil in the air and not being able to brace my hand or arm on anything. Hope that makes sense.
Any tips would be appreciated before I end up with tendonitis trying to use this app. Thanks

You should be able to rest your hand on the glass of the iPad the way you would if you were drawing on paper. The iPad / shapr3d software has palm rejection built in.

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No need to hold the Pencil in the air. iPadOS supports palm rejection by default everywhere, not only in Shapr3D. Just use it as a regular pencil.

@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D & @Jason42
You are absolutely correct regarding the iPad and Palm rejection.
However it does not function for some Users, me included.

The solution may be to wear an ‘Artists Glove’:

These Gloves work for me.

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