5.180 - Scale improvements on board

Improved: Try the new non-uniform scaling option: now you can also scale along just an axis or plane using the scale tool

Let us know what you think about this improvement!


Works great at first look!


Great improvement. I had missed it, but now it’s there.
Used it immediately. No explanation necessary.

Have used it several times and seems bullet proof. Great add.

Thank you very much for this essential function!
It works great but I have a problem in the following example:
Suppose I have two separate objects, a pan and its handle that I select and then reduce together uniformly to 5%.
Now I select the pan only and enlarge it to 995%. Perfect…
Then I select the handle and enlarge it to 995%.
Well, the handle is no longer in the right place, it is now in the middle of the pan when it was initially attached to it like a good handle!
This problem exists whatever the chosen mode, uniform or non-uniform scaling.
To conclude, the enlargement function does not take into account the coordinates of the objects.
Did I forget a setting or is it the fault of Shapr3D?


Everything is explained here!
Of course you have to set the pivot point in the right place first.

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Thank you for your answer but my problem is deeper… I have built a boat that I would like to lengthen slightly. When I select in full and call the enlarge function, I get an error message like this:

  • the operation failed because the resulting body would not be valid.

So I thought that I should probably do things a little bit at a time, enlarging each part.
And that’s where the problem lies because I have more than 2000 small objects in this damn boat and I can’t see myself looking for the pivot point (as you suggest) of each of them before enlarging them!
In conclusion, I would like Shapr3D to give me more details about this frustrating error message that appears… too often…
Apart from that, Shapr3D is a marvel.


As I wrote, that with the pan is a mistake on your part.
Now to the problem with the boat:
This looks like an imported model.
In what format is it imported?
Do you select everything or just bodies to scale?
Can you make a video of you trying to scale this boat?


I also have big problems with imported files.
Even with the kernel’s own Parasolid format.
Here is a small example, imported in Parasolid format:

So far, the objects drawn in Shapr3D have not caused any problems with uneven scaling.
It doesn’t work really well for imported objects.

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Only the hull of the boat is imported because I did not know how to model it. But everything else is made with Shapr that I learned to use in a couple of weeks as I was building the boat. ( My father had it built in 1955 from the enlarged plans of a “Pointu”, a Mediterranean fishing boat. I spent on board the happiest years of my childhood, until I was 14, when my father had to sell it. It is only from my memory and a few photos that I was able to reconstitute it.
I will make a video as soon as I have time. Thank you for your help, it’s very nice!



Try to scale all objects except the imported objects.
Maybe it’s really just the hull.
This could then simply be rebuilt with Loft.

Nice update

Is this Scale functionality also available for Windows? I was able to update the Ipad version and it seems to work great. I would like to test the Windows version also but I have not been able to find the new version.

Yes, it is available in 5.180 on all platforms. If you are using Microsoft Store, go to Library, and press Get Updates button, that will “force” check available updates. Otherwise out updates roll out during a week.

If you are using the website version, at first app start you should see an update available dialogue. If you don’t, let us know! Alternatively if you use the website version, you can go to our site and download the latest installer, when you run it, it will give you the option to update.


Excellent update and nice to have at last.

Hi Amanda,

I proposed this feature to be part of Shapr3D. Now I am very happy about the functionality. Thank you very much.
I am looking forward to finding additional improvements concerning the rendering tool. What I am still missing is the ability of inserting my own textures.
I am sure, you are working hard on Shapr3D, so I am looking forward to traino out new features.

Kind regards Tommaso

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Thanks so much for adding this incredibly useful functionality!!!

However, I am having an issue when trying to scale imported STLs. I keep receiving an error message that says:

The operation failed because the resulting body wouldn’t be valid.

Any tips on how to resolve this?

Thanks again!


Imported bodies will not work properly with this scaling.
See my video above.

Example follows: