Non-uniform Scale - Again

I guess I’ll create yet another thread on this topic to try and find out why Shapr3D is avoiding this. In every other 3D program I use, this is basic functionality. If I have any shape more complex than a six sided rectangle, I’d need a non-uniform scale to change the proportions of the shape. I am designing artistic objects within the software, and scaling things in a non-uniform way is part of the design process. I have been able to get around some of the other software quirks and really am enjoying designing on the iPad Pro. But this lack of basic functionality might drive me back to designing on desktop software again.

There are threads on this topic going back several years. What say you Shapr3D? Why has this not been implemented?


@Kapor_Shapr3D Hi Kapor, is this on your team’s radar at all any more? I can’t imagine it would be that hard to implement and wouldn’t take away from anything else in the software. It would be great if you could scale to set either a percentage scale in the selected direction, or set a finished dimension size in that scaled direction. Anything would be useful though. This isn’t some pie in the sky feature request either, it should be basic functionality. Sorry if I sounded frustrated above, but I am ready to cancel my subscription and go back to desktop designing. :frowning:

Hi, I apologize for the delayed response.

We have noted your feedback and at the moment it’s not one of the features we want to implement immediately. We have some complex features we are working on now, taking up resources.

However, we keep improving the app very rapidly, and based on user’s feedback we might implement this sometime soon in the future.

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Yep, the lack of non uniform scaling is indeed a deal breaker.
This alone pretty much renders the app useless imho (more on this below).
Another (less devastating) issue is not being able to separate tangents (bezier handles) when sketching, oh … and why no two finger undo ? (like a normal app).
Very easy to invoke loads of could not do this or heal that messages, but I suppose this is the nature of the beast, a bit of work is required to understand the limitations of the underlying engine.
At the end of the day the lack of non uniform scaling means you will have to keep things “quadratisch praktisch gut“ (with no chamfering or other “fancy” stuff) untill the proportions are in place (it is generally only possible to predictably adjust / stretch proportions with simple objects w flat faces ) this imho is a boring and not very creative way of working since it more or less means working only from preplanned drawings / dimentions. A non uniform scaling option would actually loosen things up alot, and provide a much more flexible workflow, enabling you to adjust and tweak things to fit together … imho much needed given the linear nature of the beast.