Mac - 4.4 - 2D drawing updates

Hi Shapr3D users! :cowboy_hat_face:

This update is all about 2D drawings, or technical drawings.

Download version 4.4 to get your hands on:

  • Dimension precision
    Customize the level of precision for linear and angular dimensions. Click sheetPreferences.png to open Drawing Preferences , and specify the precision level in the Dimension Precision section.
  • Fix for DWG/DXF export
    When you export your 2D drawing as a DWG or DXF file, the exported file’s layers will be organized and simplified, so there won’t be any overlapping design elements.

Aside from these headliners, this update includes a couple fixes. You’ll be able to sketch comfortably with the boosted sketching tools and canvas controls, and when you change the design space’s unit of measurement, all measurements of the items in it will be recalculated correctly.


Is there any timeline for a future update to bring functionality to the ‘coming soon’ 2d features, eg section view

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Cc @Alexander_P_Shapr3D

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Hi @Mayoor ,

We don’t have a detailed timeline for these tools, but you can expect the roll out of these features step by step continuously over the coming months. We will start with adding the geometry tools by the middle of June before moving on to section view. After that will continue to work on adding the remaining views while adding new features like size tolerances and title block improvements.


Thank you!

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