5.360 - Material Orientation is here

This release includes a top user request for Shapr3D Visualization:

  • New: Create more realistic models with Material Orientation in Visualization. When enabled, materials like wood and brushed metal will now auto-match their orientation to geometry for even more realistic results.

Open up your favorite model in Shapr3D Visualization and give Material Orientation a try now!


Perfect, works great! Now e.g. a wooden table or chair leg can be visualized into the right orientation.

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That’s excellent, well worth waiting for.
Now we can rotate materials on the whole object, or individual faces.


Awesome well worth the wait

Thank you to the team

Updated app and tried it
Will work great in many ways but tested it on a shelf i made and the orientation goes the wrong way on the legs

Guess i did something wrong ?


Also I like the new look of the software on this new update

This is a cylinder cut in half. How can I make the wood pattern run parallel with the side?


This wine rack it look flawless

Love it


Looks great and i guess it would be really hard to get real endgrain with year rings

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Here is a picture of a coffee filter holder
The red arrows show the wrong direction of the grain and not changable.
Green is correct direction for the grain.

Tried to change it but could not figure it out.

Would be nice to have button (flipp direction 90degre)


This software just keeps getting better. Thank you for the hard work and thanks for adding the orientation feature.

I seem to have an issue with my furniture legs. The grain direction is correct on two sides, but, not the other two sides.

Is this problem based on how I constructed the legs, or is this just something to work out on the software for the new orientation feature?

Please let me know if I can change my workflow to allow the legs to have the proper grain direction on all sides. I tried to deselect the auto-orientation slider button but, nothing changed.

See attached video, thank you again.

Very respectfully,


It was the same for me
Tried drawing it differently but got same result


Same to me, it doesn‘t align correct sometimes


I do not have the possibility to activate the parameter because the button is cut by the border of the window.

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Great work on this and certainly worth the wait.

It would be very beneficial if the operator had the choice of direction though. The automatic function is certainly intuitive with regards to wood grain. I, however, use metals much more, especially stainless with a DP1 finish (brushed on one side). When using this, it unfortunately isn’t quite as good, especially on any radii.

I hope you find this feedback constructive.

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I can confirm your issues. It seems the grain orientation sometimes toggles between the native orientation twice. Whilst this upgrade is something I’ve been waiting for along time, and I’m very happy that it finally arrived, it needs some tweaking in order to be useful it seems. Perhaps flip direction90 degrees as you stated, or even better, set orientation by any degree like in Cadmio.

Thank you for the feedback regarding material orientation! We acknowledge that it cannot resolve all situations and we have further improvements in the works both in terms of automatic material orientation computation and customizability, so it is worth checking out the upcoming releases.

First and foremost, we wanted to address the issue of textures looking awkward when rotations are applied to the models, and this is what you can see in this initial release. We are adding improvements to this automatic mechanism in an upcoming Shapr3D release to make direction selections feel more natural. However, there is a point beyond which automatic algorithms won’t be able to cater for all needs, so we will add certain level of control over the material directions at a later release.


Thank you
Could you also add more wood textures ?

If its possible to add finishes to all wood material it would be amazing .

I know its many questions and ideas.

Software is getting better and better each day and we apriciate all you guys do

You will get some more wood materials in conjunction with the latter parts of the aforementioned improvements!


Apologies for the inconvenience, we have just pushed out an update that fixes this issue with the French translation. Once you update, you will be able to interact with this toggle. By default, we keep this off for existing workspaces (so that we don’t alter the existing appearance of your models) but it is turned on for all new workspaces.