5.60 - Max precision for modeling

Hi everyone :rocket:

Not gonna lie, we have only four minor updates to share as we’re working on something pretty big these days. Either way, you know the drill – update the app and enhance your modeling experience right away:

  • Improved: For those intricate measurements, you’ll get maximum precision by adding up to 4 decimals while defining dimensions.
  • Fixed: The Text tool now won’t misbehave when you’re trying to use a custom font (iOS only).
  • Fixed: In certain cases, the generated text’s orientation was pretty random. That won’t happen again.
  • Improved: Need a clean view of your 2D Drawings? Now you can turn off the title block and the borders in the Drawings preferences pop-up.

Clean drawings are wonderful! Thanks for the extra page space.

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For the Text tool, can we get an “EDIT” function? Sometimes I am not happy with the result and I want to go back and change something but I have to retype everything etc. As of now we only have the “DONE” and “CANCEL.” Please and thank you :slight_smile:

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Speaking of clean drawings. When will we have the ability to clean up our drawings. Many of the geometries rendered are not necessary for the drawing and only make it confusing. Here’s an example where I have marked lines in red that I normally would not draw if I was drawing in 2D CAD.