5.70 - Diameter dimensioning + a handful of tweaks

Hi everyone!:rocket:

5.70 is the last update before one of our biggest feature releases to date – accordingly, you’ll find a small number of handy fixes:

  • Improved: Circling back to a popular request, we’ve now added diameters to help you track all your dimensions. Be it an arc, a full circle, or a cylindrical face, you can now pick whether you want to see the dimensions in radius or diameter – just look for the “Circular annotations” toggle under the Appearance tab.
  • Improved: Modeling on a smaller screen? We’ve reshuffled things to the toolbar to make room for the buttons. This makes using the app smoother and also more consistent with the Windows design language.
  • Fixed: 2D rotation is now available if you’re using a mouse or a trackpad along with a keyboard. Just look for the tiny arrows next to the orientation cube and get the best angle of your model with a single click.