Circles switching from diameter to radius

I have Circles set to diameter and radius in settings but I am only able to draw a circle using the diameter. Is there a way to switch between diameter and radius in the drawing space?



Hi Mike,
setting this option does not mean you can switch between “Radius and Diameter” for a full circle, it does mean that you’ll get radius for part-circles and diameter for full circles.
If you choose the option “Always Radius”, you’ll get a radius-annotation for both part- and full-circle.
Thats the way it is today - maybe the Shapr3D-Team adds an function to change between r and D some day.
Maybe you put a Feature-Request in the “Feature request”-Category. :wink:
Cheers Matt

This theme is about radius, so I’m writing here… I’ve noticed when selecting a curve or circle it’s no longer possible to see it’s radius AND diameter on the bottom information bar… I didn’t change anything about settings. This was a very helpful feature, so why removing it?
Cheers, G.

Do you see any other details there?

We have not removed the measurements from the bottom of the screen, but it can happen that the circle has no exact radius or diameter if it is not planar for example.

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Hi Peter,
Just a simple circle…

1 Like you are right, we’ll look into that.


Thanks you! :pray: