A Change In Perspective

I’m in my shop looking at my mill while typing this on my iPad sitting on the hard top of my vacuum table that does triple duty as CNC router work piece hold down, a 3D vacuum lamination/infusion base and shaping dust collector.
My shop has a very real coordinate system in and of itself based on mills and CNC equipment.
My left hand pointing straight out away from me is the Y axis.
My right hand pointing to my side is the X axis.
The spindles on my equipment travel in the Z axis.
I am really enjoying this program for the stunning ability and the the cost.
In fact, I’d really like to give you more of my money for the simple reason that this program on an iPad does exactly what I need to do in my shop and if it ran my plotter and sign printers I’d be in ecstatic.
Except for the issue of orientation.
It’s still throwing me.
I’ve spent a fair amount of time reviewing the documentation and the forum looking for a way to address this and have not seen it.
Is being able to change the perspective in the works?
Right now I’ve taped labels across the top of the iPad reminding me that Y = Z and Z = Y with respect to the camera views since I’m pretty old school having learned machining from three perspective drawings for top, side and faces.
Something as simple as being able to rename the camera views would help me tremendously though it might screw up the other 99.999999999% percent of the world.
If there is a way already built in would you please point it out to me?
Regardless, I’m committed to your program and cannot thank you enough.
I’m also quite serious about giving you more money but please don’t hurt me as badly as Adobe and many other subscription software companies do.

I am a bit lost :slight_smile:

Basically you don’t like the camera orientations, right? We will revisit it, I promise.

Apologies, to many words above and likely to many in this post as well.
Other people may not have this issue but we do.
When projects are created in a program like Adobe Illustrator then transferred to cut signs in 2D, say from a piece of plywood or sheet PVC, the drawing on the screen and later the sign being cut on the CNC router that will hang on a wall is viewed as having the X axis along the bottom increasing to the right and the Y axis vertical increasing upwards.
When moving to 3D, for instance with a multiple multicolored laminated stock that reveals different colors by the depth of the cut, the depth of the cut is now the Z axis.
The shop equipment I and others work with is mounted to the floor.
I don’t stand on the wall to look down.
When standing on the floor next to the equipment the CNC G-Code file is typically right handed where Z is the vertical axis, X is the axis side to side and Y is toward/away from me.
So this is all about the perspective of the camera view.
If the views could be variably assigned either globally or per project then life would be easier for us.
Might stink on ice for you, but it would be easier for us.
Thank you for time you’ve already invested and continue to spend on this application.

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Understood. We wanted to revisit camera controls anyway, so we will look into this as well.