View cube settings

New to program and need some help. I would like to change the x axis to go right and the y axis to go from origin to back and z axis to stay the same to match up with my settings in fusion360 and design spark mechanical. Thanks

Hi Will,

How about if you move the workspace around using a finger to have the axis positioned as described above, will this work?

Currently you can lock the workspace’s grid size and it’s not possible yet to lock a view or a workspace positioning

Thanks for the reply. That rotation is only a temp fix. As soon as you double click the cube button it goes back to the default setting. Need to be able to reset view to match up with how my cnc program works. Would make it less confusing.This is a feature many I’m sure would like.

I see what you mean, we have received similar feedback as reagrd a “custom view save” feature.
I will pass on your feedback to our product team.

Thanks for the reply… like I said just new so will practice more with the program but as of now will not be upgrading until more of the issues are fixed but can see real possibilities.

After updating today the view cube is correct. X go to right Y goes to the back and Z goes up. Was a bug when I installed the program.

Hi Will, I’m glad to know it works great now. If you further questions please reach out as we would be glad to assist.