X,Y,Z Axis

I am a little confused about the orientation of the axis configurations

As an Engineer, I am used to seeing Y - up being positive, X- right being positive, Z - vectoring to the lower left being positive.
Then Front View being Y-up as positive, X-right being positive, Z - positive out from the screen being positive.

I feel like it is somewhat opposite of that, or something that I’m not seeing. Can you explain the views related to Axis configuration

Thank you.

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Okay, so here is a confession: we tried to be smart, and we fucked it up.

The good news is that with the next release, it will be fixed. If you want to test the beta, you can sigh up here:

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LOL, that was my laugh for the day, Thank you.
Yes I’ll test the beta.

Also, very much looking forward to dimensioned construction drawings. (Dimensioned Top, Front, and Side views)
When I as at work, we had AutoCad, but privately it is $1500/year.
But now that I’m retired and building Stirling Engines on my lathe and milling machine. I have resorted to my old college training of T-Squares and Drafting Tables - haha

Good luck !


This issue I tried to raise before as well and have since moved more over to adapting Onshape as my Ipad app of preference.

What on earth is going on with the world icon and the axis orientation presented in the menu. Grid and all seems just to weird and freaky for me to find comfort in this app, not disrespecting your app and efforts. However, you seem to freak more than I out with this.

Waiting to hear about this and will draw my conclusion based on a logical response or Onshape will gain my focus.

Thank god, we have fixed this in the upcoming version, so you can get back to Shapr.

Being issued some time in the future I gather?

It will be released (hopefully) this month. We haven’t really slept for weeks to release it.

Nice priorities, hope you will be rewarded.


I love the idea of z axis represented by the blue color(the sky), y by the green color of the grass field in front of you and the x red as approaching a stop sign.

Like it?


That’s most most amazing metaphor about the gizmo I have ever heard.

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Regardless, isn’t z-axis always up or down after all? Up till we started using 3D CAD the only two were x and y and even though some view z as between user and x/y plane it still represents depth - the blue sky or the blue ocean(depth).

That is usually a setting in every CAD system. Some prefer Y-up coordinate systems while others like Z-up coordinate systems.

Taking that as a compliment. :wink:

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Y up is just based on sketch plane literally, in reality to add a dimension to a sketch one needs to elevate(i.e. depth). So, you would need to clarify how you would like an isometric view to be perceived in my opinion.

Numerous Crashes-to be expected. Also having trouble snapping lines and circles to some standard lengths , like 1.125” or 1.625”

Nice improvement with the xyz Axis. Now I know where I am

Nice improvement? From what? After a considerable time with this app now I am still wondering why I can not figure out how to place myself virtually in space here.
Flip between orthogonal view and grid placements out of menu and explain to me how I would look logically at objects out of what different menu views is presenting before me!

Views and axis directions freaks at least me out. I feel much more comfortable with other cadware and might as well stay away then as I seem to be not comfortable here.

Front view is positive X to the right, Y positive up. From there it’s standard top front and side views- just like typical blue prints
Worked for me

Glad you’re like others, happy! You’re saying z is towards you right? Where would front view be then? Onshape it is for me. Started with Cadkey in 1995 and just used to sit in FRONT of the construction. :wink:

Just realized that even Onshape uses x - red positive right, y - green positive away from you and z - blue positive to the sky up along with front view into x/z plane front
Apparently only on the web browser version, no colored axis icon in Ipad where only the view-cube is visible.

Onshape is after all a product developed by people who’s 3D construction world perspective I would not argue personally with unless I would think Solidworks stink. :wink:

Just updated my Shapr3d app after I was a bit discouraged before.

Now, please tell me you applied my idea about axis views and colors as I now see what makes me very satisfied. Just fired the app update up and of course hoped to see a change now obviously implemented.

Am I right or just overly excited too soon?

Thank you for making my day!


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