Feature Request: First thoughts

I am currently testing the pro version and have some feedback, this may be because I don’t fully understand the software yet?

Feature: When renaming a body, any keypress should clear the current name, and add the newly pressed key.
Reason: Every time I have renamed an item I have wanted to delete what was there before, of course you should still be able to edit the current text by pressing space on the keyboard or similar.

Feature: Clicking on the screen when something is selected, should not instigate a line draw response.
Reason: As this happens multiple times when designing, and when selecting undo it clears everything that is selected.

Feature: Snap to grid does not work when rotating (and possibly other operations) zoom to a 5mm grid, select lock. create a rectangle 15mm x 11mm object then rotate it and it is no longer snapped to grid but placed 2mm below the sketch, and centralised from the last position, not locked to the 5mm grid?
Reason: Unable to be sure all objects are grid aligned.

Feature: Import image to face.Reason: Colour is not always enough to identify faces / objects, a simple add image to face when importing could overcome this.

If these features are already available, let me apologise, like is said I have just started to evaluate. P.S 14 days is not a lot of time when you cannot dedicate every single hour and every single day to evaluate. I would suggest increasing this to one calendar month.

Hi Nigel, thanks for the feedback.

The gridlock feature locks the grid size and doesn’t lock the body to the grid. The 3d snapping feature is already o our roadmap.
I will also share the other feedbacks with our product team.