A few feedbacks on Shapr3D

I’m fairly new to Shapr3D, but an experienced Solidworks user. Really loving Shapr3D, but here are a few thoughts I wanted to share.

  1. I really miss the model tree in Solidworks for retrospective changes and editing. Retrospective editing is a lot easier in Solidworks.

  2. It would be great to have an OBJ format import. We’re using Putty 3D for sculpting, and it exports OBJ and STL. I can bring an STL into Shapr3D, but I can’t manipulate it to the extent that I want - specifically, I can’t union objects with the imported STL or difference objects with it. My goal is to sculpt something in Putty 3D and then add geometry onto it in Shapr3D to ultimately 3D print it.

  3. I put Shapr3D on my son’s iPad, and it logged me out of my pro account on my iPad. Seems there should be some support for multiple devices or Family Sharing, rather than having to pay for 2 pro subscriptions in the same family.

Otherwise, really enjoying it. Great piece of software!


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