Shapr3d for Pinball Design?


TOTAL noob here, bear with me :wink:

I have a couple of questions regarding Shapr3d

  1. Usually pinball playfield designs are done in Solidworks, would i be able to do the same in shap3d ?

  2. This is a homebrew/hobby project for now. What version of Shapr3d would i need ? A friend of mine sent me a “.SLDPRT” file but no luck importing it. Could he try to export in another format ?

  3. What version is the most fun learning ? (Ipad,Mac or ??)

Thank you!


Have your friend resend you the Solidworks part in STEP format. You should be able to import it now.
Personally, I find the iPad w/Pencil quite fluid to use.

As @TigerMike says, or even better: use the X_T (Parasolid) format. It leads to higher quality data exchange.

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Thank you!

Can i open parasolid and step format on standard version for mac ?. I haven’t decided yet what cad software i should invest in. The demo version won’t let me open it.