Help with curved and hollow piece

I’m trying to make some pieces for a friend. He gave me two pieces he wants me to replicate and 3D print for him. I’ll attach pictures to show what I’m trying to replicate. But simply I want to take a drawing curve to the top and a reverse curve on the underside to make almost like a spoon like object. I seem to be able to add a champer to the top side which may work out fine, but can’t do a inverse champer to the under side? So what would work best?

Hi @Terreos Welcome to the Forum

You may get some ideas and information form this:

If this is the sort of thing needed I can help you create it:

These clips cover the creation of the Item in the ScreenShot above:

In this the Spline was created ‘off camera’ to keep within restrictions for Video size:

Happy S3Ding


That is exactly what I needed. Thank you