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Swamp Cooler.iges (5.0 MB)


Here’s my latest O scale narrow gauge loco, almost ready for printing. It is a freelanced small diesel for 18” gauge.


Hi i am native solidworks user. Very experienced both in solid and surface modelling. I came across some videos of shapr3d and was very impressed with it. I bought ipad and try shapr3d. First i was little disappoint that i didn’t find appropriate modelling tools as i am very used to solidworks features. But then i realized that shapr3d is a seperarate thing and other softwares like solidworks are other thing.

So i start learning shapr3d though it haven’t lot of features. But shapr3d team working very hard so i am pretty sure with passage of time they will facilitate the cad designers with all required tools.

Anyhow i am learning shapr3d and enjoying it. I am sharing some work i did on shapr3d.

Zeeshan Ahmed




colored version of remote.