Best way to add text?

I’m surprised I wasn’t able to find this in the forums (I must be bad at searching) but is there a way to add text to my models?


Hi - we’ve received many requests about this, and though we don’t have an ETA on it, it is one of the features on the top of our roadmap


The above post is eleven months old, and still, there is no such feature. Thus, may I suggest the following:

Please consider emplementing the ability to place text on faces of solid objects—-think a box of cereal with text on all six faces. This would be an awesome addition to the already great power of this great program.

In the meantime, all you folks behind Shapr3D definitely RULE!



The ability to import drawings is absolutely my #1 wish list item. Followed by text (although the ability to import drawings would also allow you to import text exported as shapes from other apps, so definitely more bang for the buck!)


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Does anyone wanna take one for the team?

  • import an image of the alphabet
  • make sketches around each letter
  • name your design “Alphabet” and keep it saved for future reference
  • use the export/import function to any new design needing letters
  • upload “alphabet” to this page :wink::wink:



meanwhile in the year 2020… there is still no way to add text

Hi Daniel, how is the progress on this? Is it in the beta already?


To some extent, certainly to each of the above, the following may be of interest:

This simply works, if it does not work for you please tell me why.
It can place everything mentioned above and probably more.
The best aspect is that it is genuinely free of charge.

Rest assured that this is NOT an attempt to sell anything, just pointing the way to something that just works, as a certain Company used to say.