Adding rabbets to a box design

Hello all. I’m new to both Shapr3D and woodworking. I’m resolved to learn both at the same time, and starting with a small box. The slab lid will sit in a rabbet, but I can’t figure out how to get the rabbet into my Shapr3d design. I’ve got the chamfer thing down, but bringing an edge in with a 90 degree deletion (a rabbet) is eluding me.

I’m not familiar with all woodworking terms, but I assume what you want to do is cut a 90-degree notch in an edge? One thing you can do is to create a sketch on one inside face of the box, draw the rabbet, and then extrude. That will cause a negative extrude to happen, which will cut the notch. Repeat on one of the adjacent faces.

one edge done–thanks! I’m finding it difficult to get the rectangle drawn in the right location–lined up with the edge. I’m drawing in 3d because I can’t see the inside edges in 2d, and it keeps drawing a rectangle in some odd off-kilter relationship to the side!

Here’s a step by step that might help.

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Go into the color settings and use the opacity control to be able to “see through” faces.

thanks that helps!

excellent–I’ve got my rabbets for my box lid