Adding Text and using diameters

Just to add my request backing up all those requests going back to 2016.

Please, please add capability of adding TEXT to a design!!
I really need the capability and it’s pretty disappointing that such an otherwise great ( and expensive) app can’t do it. Very sad that I make my complex drawings on Shapr3D then have to import them into tinkerCAD to cut the text into the parts to complete them.

The other thing I’ve been trying to do but can’t work out ( and if it’s not there I’d like to be able to do)
I really would like to be able to draw circles based on their DIAMETERS not the radius. I frequently draw and 3D print parts that have to fit other objects onto existing cylindrical parts. When I measure the part it is in diameter and while it’s OK to simply halve it to get the radius when I am doing multiple measures at often odd decimal places it just allows more chance of error creeping in.

The capacity to dimension circles by either diameter or radius would be be a great help.


Hi John, thanks for the feedback.

A workaround in the interim will be to draw the text with a drawing tool like Concepts or Procreate and then import the drawn text into Shapr and project them to your model. We also have a workspace of saved alphabet sketches which I have attached to this responseAlphabet.shapr (664 KB) . The workspace can be imported into your design workspace and then you can project alphabets to your model

I will pass on your feedback to our product team and hopefully, these will be available in the app sometime in the future. Thanks for your understanding.

Any advice about using diameters? I already have a work around for the text by importing the design into tinkerCAD.
But I can’t find a workaround for using diameters instead of radii. That would be the most useful thing.
Any ideas?

Hey - you can only use radii at this point, and currently there is no better way to do it.

In case you need a calculator for more complicated calculations, you can use the Multitasking features of the iPadOS

Another thread asking for text and is now over a year old - still not on the short list but you are going to make a Mac app? Come one give me a break

Hi Daniel, I’m curious about your response about diameters here. Saying there is no better way to do it when it comes to using radii vs diameters seems quite short sighted… The number of CAD applications I’ve used that default to diameter entry are numerous. And most have at least a toggle of some sort to allow either. Also while I appreciate the ability to multitask in iPadOS, it seems quite odd to me to break my workflow by swiping and using multiple inputs to get what could be one click otherwise. There are also many fields which utilize diameters more than radii like lathe parts. I would hope this would be a quick addition and if you need any UX ideas I’ve got more than a few. Let me know if I’m missing something. Thanks.

Hello - this is the current best way to do it.

I won’t argue that we can’t do better. We definitely can, and both radius/diameter and Numpad calculator are on our roadmap. It hasn’t been prioritized yet, but we will get to it sooner than later.


@rv8r I completely agree with you.

In fact, of all the things I would love to have in the app, I’d say my absolute top request is the ability to select a diameter option when making circles, offsetting cylinder diameters, etc.
Many of my parts are circular in design. Dividing my measurements outside of the app is a hassle, compared to how quickly I can do everything else in the app.

I also have some UX ideas, but the Shapr team usually implements changes elegantly.


We hear you.

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