Adding uniform holes to hollow cylindrical or irregular shapes

I am trying to create a cylindrical lamp shade and an irregularly shaped lampshade. I want there to be holes covering the entire surface of each shape. I want the holes to be evenly and consistently spaced. I come from a woodworking background. I am imagining a flat piece of plywood with uniform holes drilled through the entire sheet and then bending and molding the plywood into a specific shape. How can I achieve this using Shapr.

Welcome to the forum.
That could be done in more than one way. You could use Projections with your sketches, or Patterns or Subtractions.
I used the Pattern tool (circular and linear) here to give an example. I didn’t bother too much with accurate measurements as the forum only allows 29mb uploads and this clip is already near to that limit.

Stephen, this is excellent, thank you. Exactly what I was looking for.