How to apply pattern to cylinder?

Hi all

I want to create a cylinder with round holes. I have used the pattern tools to create multiple circles (which will become the holes later), but I am not sure how to apply them to the cylinder. Can you help?

Hi Christian,
Check out @PEC‘s very useful method.

I used the Pattern tool to create multiple cylinders which are then used to subtract from the larger Cylinder. Is this what you’re trying to do?


Hi, you really always have a great clarifying design approach. Do you perhaps have an idea how to solve this with an ellipse? Really struggling to design on the surface of an ellipse and it’s not possible (of course) to use cirrcular patterns. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

The only thing I can come up with is to make the ellipical body by using non-uniform scaling. Here’s two versions. The upper result has circular holes but the spacing is not uniform. The lower body has uniform spacing but the holes vary from circular to elliptical. Not sure if either of these would work for you. Perhaps others can join in with a fresh idea.

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Wow great, that’s is fast thinking, thnx! Indeed the holes do not stay cylindrical. After seeing your video I realized that the cylinders need to be perpendicular to the surcafe of the Ellipse. So using Add plane (on curve at point) it will be possibe to add the plane and turn it 90 degrees. You can move the planes on the curve of the Ellipse (although it;s not easy to make real distance dimension) Strange and regretfully Shapr3D team do not have a function for this ?? (maybe they can have a look to this…) Anyway see below some pictures. Wondering what you think about this approach.
add planes to ellipse