Adjustable Stand-Up Bed Unit

I recently graduated from the Humber College Industrial Design program in Toronto, Canada. In our fourth year we are required to produce a Thesis Report in order to graduate. This was my project: and I managed to win First Place in Design Innovation and Second Place for CAD design. Thanks SHAPR3D!

Insitu Render from KeyShot 8

VIDEO: Animation Demo


Original Sketch Idea
Bed%20Sketch%20-%20Profile Bed%20Sketch%20-%20Position%204
Refined Sketches (Geometry and Dimensions of essential components)
Flat%20Bed%20-%20Empty Lounge%20Bed%20-%20Arm%20Reach
Built a 1:1 Ergonomic buck to gain dimensional insight
CAD Final Model with Male 97.5th percentile Ergonomic figure
IMG_0266 IMG_0272 IMG_0267 IMG_0273
Remade the CAD file to be printable pieces
Hard%20Model%20-%20RIGHT%2034 Hard%20Model%20-%20Rear%20Left
3D Printed Model at 1:5 scale

The Bed is shown in all four main positions (KeyShot 8 Renders)
Detail Renders
Banner%20ERGO%20FEMALE Banner%20ERGO%20MALE
Ergo Models (Male and Female) in 1:1 scale with Bed Unit

Thanks for your time. I’m happy to answer any questions.


This is incredibly impressive. Did you do the entire modeling with Shapr?

Thanks Istvan.

Yes I used Shapr for the entire year-long project. The irony is we were taught to use Solidworks in 2nd year and every single classmate used SW for their Thesis. I spent September testing Shapr for its limitations and decided it was robust enough to carry me through the year. It seemed like a risky proposition at first, but looking back I am happy with my decision. The 2nd place CAD award was a nice feather in my cap given the decision to go rogue. lol

In addition to Shapr3D I used Photoshop CC and KeyShot 8.


Quite impressive! Thanks for sharing…

What did you use for the sketches? Concepts app?

Just old fashioned pen/markers/paper and then scanned later for digitization.


This is just amazing!! Well done. My congratulations.

Awesome! Glad to see such great innovations.
I am not to on purpose to doubt your design,
Just wondering why your sketches have some differences from your 3d model and prototype?:grinning:

Hey ONE,

Thanks for your question.

In our program we are encouraged to design in stages, and to keep an open mind for changing constraints or new variables throughout the project. This means the first concept sketch may look completely different from the final prototype, but each change and adjustment can be justified by the informed research. Furthermore, against the instruction of my professors, I tended to use Shapr3D for more than just one phase of design. I would sketch out rough dimensions in Shapr3D to get approximate forms and dimensions when I was still in the pen and paper sketching phase - Shapr3D can be used for more than just the final model.

Finally, I built this bed unit in Shapr3D, three times from scratch, and each time it changed. I started with pure dimensions and components, then I had to see how the pieces moved relative to one another, and finally I had to add some aesthetic styling lines and details to make it suitable for the home. I had no idea what this would end up looking like and I’m still getting used to what I created.

*Sidenote: The images I included in this forum post were just some highlights of the process and were in no way exhaustive of the complete design process.

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Well,got it and agree, I think your processes are nice and effctive.

I am also a industrial design student in China, many years ago,
But I did not have well educate , less practices,and bad at almost every thing I should do well in.

So jealous of your good education,especially the sketching abilities.:blush: