Twin Biomass Boiler House in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

90% of the design done on Shapr3D. 10% done on SolidWorks.

I LOVE Shapr3D!


This is awesome, thanks for sharing. Can you tell me a bit about your workflow? How did you use Shapr3D and SOLIDWORKS together? What did you do in Shapr and what did you do in SW?

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That is very impressive work.

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Outstanding work! What were the 10% items you did using SolidWorks?

Hi, thanks for the nice comments.

I mainly used Solidworks for stress analysis on steel structure and for the sheetmetal work. I was able to model the sheetmetal work on Shapr3D but then found it took too long to have to redo it in Solidworks just for the flat pattern, development feature, so eventually I just decided to do the remainder of the sheetmetal work directly in Solidworks and import the STEP files afterwards into the 3D assembly.

Side note, I have been using Autocad, Solid Edge and Solidworks for my entire +20 years in engineering and this is the first project that I tackled on my iPad and with Shapr3D. It has honestly been a game changer. I intend taking the remainder of our design / engineering division off Solidworks and over to Shapr3D, I am THAT impressed.

Side, side note, I modeled and generated working drawings for that entire project in a matter of four months on Shapr3D. I do have a few improvements, suggestions “feature requests” that I would like to see on the drawing side, but further more, I AM IMPRESSED!

We are currently in the installation phase of the project that I shared, I’ll be uploading a few pics soon, once we’ve complete pressure tests and commissioning of the plant.



Thank you for your detailed reply. I began my career with ComputerVision back in the late 70s. I’ve seen and tried them all. I fully agree that Shapr3D is a game changer, and I have abandoned my renewal and use of SolidWorks.

I do mostly all of my own fabrication work, and send out drawings for what I can’t do. Sheet metal capability is clearly something I’d love to have, but I calculate the bending radii and allowances manually, and model my designs accordingly.

I’m eager to hear your feedback on features.

You are truly an inspiration for many, and I love that your experience with Shapr3D echoes mine.



Hi @StevenD,

I’m Peter, I’m working at Shapr3D in the team responsible for the manufacturing drawing module.

Could you please share your drawing feature requests, in detail?
I would love to discuss all these with our team.


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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the correspondence.

Random question, not related to your previous mail:

I’m running an iPad M2 Pro.
Is there a limitation to the number of parts in an assembly?
I have my entire project with approx. 13000 parts and I find a lot of crashes happening when I work in the complete model.

Would this be due to a limitation on your software or due to a limitation on my hardware?

I’ll address your mail as soon as a I have a chance. I’m busy with installation phase of my project and am pushing flat out to complete in time.


Steven Dramat
General Manager
Sustainable Heating

Hi Steve,

There’s no hard limit on the number of parts in a workspace.

The high amount of parts (13K in your case) can easily lead to memory outages. In general, the more RAM you have in your device, the less likely it will happen.

However, as Shapr3D doesn’t yet support proper assemblies and referenced part instances, models with such many parts will likely to cause memory outages, especially in the Visualization space. Such issues will likely ease once we’ll release assemblies, for which we don’t yet have an estimated date.

Meanwhile, send us any drawing feature requests, we’ll try our best to address them.


Hi Peter

I find it annoying that when you want to edit a point or line that often it draws a new line instead of selecting the existing line or point. So switching between drawing mode and editing mode by tapping to the side of the pencil with your index finger would be very helpful