Modeling a 3d spiral spring

I need to model a 3d spiral spring, or even just a 3d spiral line/path. Can you help , please?

This is just one way to produce a ‘Spring’ there are others.
Sketch > Circle draw a Circle appropriate to the diameter Spring that you need
Add > Construction Plane > Perpendicular to curve at point shown here on the right of the Circle

Tap on the Circle to select it’s Face it will turn brighter Blue
Drag the upward pointing Arrow until you have the length of Spring needed [in this case 20 was selected]

Add > Construction Axis Through a Cylinder or Cone
Tap on the Cylinder

Tap with your Finger on the Construction Plane if necessary zoom in to be able to place your finger accurately.
This should zoom in on the construction plane.
Draw a Circle representing the Thickness/Diameter of the Material needed for your Spring
Move this Cirle relative to the Construction Axis to provide the Diameter of your Spring
Tools > Revolve select the Circle just drawn Next select the Axis

Set the Height [top left] to the Length of your Spring and hit :heavy_check_mark:
Set the Angle to 3600 [in this case = 10 turns] choosing the your appropriate number and hit :heavy_check_mark:

Delete the Cylinder Leaving your Spring.



Here’s another way to create a spiral spring. Sketch a line that represents the center axis.
Draw a circle the diameter of the rod at a distance from the line. That distance is the radius of the spring.
Go to Tools, select Revolve.
Tap the pencil inside the circle (now highlighted). Select Next then tap the line. At the top input box, put in your desired height and then number of turns x 360 (one turn = 360 deg). Done.



Thanks a lot Gelphyn and MikTiger for your insightful replies.
Unfortunately, what I am trying to model is not a cylindrical spiral (spring), but rather a conical one, as Ivtrued to show in the attached sketch.
I wonder if it can be done via Shaper3d?

Please see: