Adobe Illustrator files into Shapr3D


Working on a CAD that needs to have a logo on it, I have the logo as an .ai file. When I export to a dwg or dxf and import it, I lose half the lines on the logo. Its pretty basic word form mostly, but parts of the letters are missing which makes it pretty useless.

Whats the best way to get the vectors from an Illustrator file into Shapr3D?


Can you share the dxf so we can further investigate?

Sure I can. But as its for a client, I’d prefer to send it off of the forums. Is there a PM/DM feature or email address I can send it too?

On a side note, I have found a work around. I saw that someone from Shapr3D in another thread, mentioned the problem with fonts from illustrator was the ‘complex curves’. Its not ideal, as it ads complexity to the object, but I used the ‘simplify’ feature in illustrator on the logo. This is supposed to reduce the amount fo vectors, but I know from previous experience, that if the object is already simple with curves, it often adds points and reduces the ‘complexity’ of the curve. Took a roughly 100 point object to a ~400 point object, but it did import entirely - all be it quite slow.

You can send it to and we will have a look on it with the team. Thanks!

I’m having the same issue importing a design with a lot of curves, but not a lot of points. I was always taught to keep the points to a minimum, so LeighK’s workaround doesn’t sound ideal. What might be the root issue for missing segments from an Illustrator dwg/ dxf import?

Here’s what it’s looking like in Shapr3D

Hi David! The geometric representation of the curves in Illustrator is different than ours, thats why we having these issues. We are already working on the fix, and we will release it soon!

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Fantastic, thank you! I only wish I could reset my trial period for that time.:roll_eyes:

Hi David, I reseted the trial period for your account and now it’s valid until 2019-09-30 :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m having the same problem. 75% of Illustrator content doesn’t load in shapr. This would be a great fix if it can be sorted…


Thank you! Fingers crossed for an update before then! Good luck!

Unfortunately the extension of my trial wasn’t effective. I was just charged by Apple for the full subscription. Please advise. Thank you!

Hi David, I didn’t mention to you to cancel the subscription on the App Store, my bad and I apologize. The extra subscription days was added from our end and it’s not linked to your Apple Id. If you will like to keep the subscription I will gladly add the extra days to your current subscription term and if you will like to have the charge refunded here’s an article on requesting a refund from Apple:

The refund will be granted since it’s a recent charge. We will gladly issue a refund if it was a charge from our end but the payment was via the App Store and we can not do so much from our end.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and please let me know if there is any way I can be of further assistance.

I’ve tried 2 suggested methods to get a refund, each being immediately (automatically?) denied, stating:

“We’ve determined that your purchase doesn’t meet the conditions for a refund.”

I keep using the option to “request a refund”. Should I choose “I didn’t authorize this purchase”?

Please can you call Apple support: Apple Media Helpline (408) 974–2042.
Other users that got charged were refunded after they put a call through to them. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Has this functionality been fixed as of April 2020? I can’t seem to find an answer in searching through the forums. I don’t see it addressed in the marketing and training content for Shapr3D either.

I need to know if I can import Adobe Illustrator .AI files or file variants thereof from Illustrator into Shapr3D.

Please advise.

Hi @pbglendenning , the bug has been fixed, but you can’t directly import .ai files, you have to export to dwg from Illustrator.