Advanced dimensioning

Hi, advanced SolidWorks user here. I’ve long awaited a pen based CAD, so kudos to you for pulling it off and I’m excited to follow your development!

So far it seems workable, but there’s one shortcoming I’ve encountered thus far. It seems like I can’t dimension one entity relative to another- I can only add a self-contained dimension. (i.e., I can tell the sofware how long my line is, but not how far the line is from the origin, or that two lines are the same length.)

That’s a big workflow inhibitor for me, and I wanted to know if that functionality exists and I’ve just missed it, or if you would add it in near releases.

Hi, you absolutely can. Just select the two lines and tap on Equal. Constraint buttons are on the right. We have (almost?) all the constraints that Solidworks has.

Here is the help desk article about sketch constraints in Shapr3D: What are constraints? How do I use them? – Shapr3D Help Desk


You absolutely can specify relative dimensions in lines . Check out the “Constraints” videos from these set of tutorials to learn how:

Let me know if that helped or you still miss something important from the feature set!