Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 engine WIP

I’m working on the design of the 1930’s AR 8c 2300 engine.
Here is where I am at the moment.


How many days are you working on this project? It is amazing :star_struck:

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Woah. This is mind blowing.

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Fantastic. Looks like a good candidate for the new Materials tool

I didn’t keep track so I really do not know exactly. I’ve been working on this for 2 months now, probably like 18-20 hours per week.

Since this is my first bigger project done with Shapr3d, it is also a learning experience (and sometimes that was the hardest part).


Of course I couldn’t resist to put the new visualisation to work.
I know it is work in progress, but here are my suggestions.

Please add a dull form of each material and also please add brass and bronze.
Ideally it would be if you would add slider controls tot determine the gloss and als the brightness of the material. Specifically the latter makes the visualisation more life like as in real life the brightness of materials differs.

I am a modeler and the roughness of the rough metals does not scale down far enough. It would be nice if you could further decrease the roughness.

I ran into a bug during visualisation. I added a metrial to a number of surfaces. After that I couldn’t select more surfaces but I also was unable to close the visualisation tool.
Only option was to close the program and restart (which takes 5-10 min in my case).

This a really nice addition to the toolbox.


Thanks for the suggestions.

We will be keep adding new and new materials to our library, not sure when those two will arrive, but they will. More option to edit material properties are also on out to-do list.

Can you please share some more details (platform, device, etc.) about the descibed issue (also if possible, can you please send the workspace to


Sure, I use an ipad Pro 12.9 2020 with the latest ipadOS. With workspace you mean the Shapr3d file after exporting it?

Looking good- on the subject of metals, a representation for Corten, or weathering (rusty) steel would be appreciated-

Yes, if possible. Thank you

It is over 65MB. Does you mailbox allow for such large emails?

Yes - I think it will work

@Daniel_Shapr3D It doesn’t though. I sent 2 emails - one with the explanation and one with the download link. Please confirm that you are able to download the file.

Got it - with the explanation. Thanks

We will try to recreate the issue and get back to you via email.

Cool, thanks

A little update. Getting there!

It would be great to have the option to create an exploded view of this.:wink:


That’s amazing work. Did you have blueprints to work from?

Thanks @Stephen. No unfortunately not. Alfa Romeo has lost them somewhere in the last century.
Pictures from the engine and especially from the gaskets between the various parts that this engine comprises, are the source for this.
Is it 100% correct? No, it can’t be on this basis, but it sure is a good representation of the real thing.

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Incredibly impressive work.

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@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D Thanks!