Aligning a flat head screw in a countersunk hole

I have a flat head screw object I want to align to a countersunk hole. The Align function allows conical faces to be aligned, but I can’t get them aligned so that they’re making contact. How can I accomplish this?

Hello TheBum,

If I understand you correctly…

Selecting one face and then the other with the align tool should work. They will snap to each other.

Hey @TheBum,
It should be this easy. Isn’t it working for you?

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Well, they’re not, as indicated by the screenshot, which shows the result of the Align operation. It appears that it’s aligning the bottom edges of the two conical faces, not taking into account that contact is made only after the bottom of the screw taper goes below the bottom of the hole’s taper.

I was able to do some manual geometric calculations to get the alignment I wanted. It’s a shame that I couldn’t get Shapr to do it for me.

Does this work for you?


@TheBum You can select the conical surfaces and align, then use the arrow to adjust the bolt axially (up/down) in the hole. Shapr will reference snap points in the model and seat the flathead taper into the bottom of the countersink.

Edit: The reason the bolt wasn’t snapping directly like the other examples was your large countersink/through hole. It just takes one extra alignment step in this case.

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