Aligning centres of objects

Hi, as a new user, I’m wondering if there is an easy way to line up one object to the centre of another (apart from drawing in lines to constrain things)? For example I may want to draw a square in the middle of a rectangle. I use so many different drawing packages and they all do things in different ways…:slight_smile:

Constraints are the preferred method to accurately position sketches. Although later this year we will add 2d primitives, that going to make some use-cases like this a bit easier.

Preferred by you maybe, not by me! Maybe that’s a 3D drawing thing but in the 2D drawing world where I come from, auto centre alignment is a standard feature. Just having a centre point that you can choose to view would be handy!


Well, yes, 2D and 3D are different :slight_smile: both worlds have their workflows. But we are constantly improving sketching, it is getting vetter and better with each release.

This is why I mentioned to you guys that centers of circles should be shown with center point marks in sketch mode. Another feature to add is auto snapping to center of a line. That way in sketch mode a simple diagonal on a rectangle could be drawn, then is mid point snap is enabled the center is found easily. Enough with the mentality of “this is the 3D world” Make your product easy to use and superior to others.


I agree there. In some respects the app is so easy to use, most of the 3D aspect is not that hard to get under control but lining things up in that way is so common, I find it hard to believe it needs constraints to do it.

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Couldn’t agree more.

Yes, I am designing a simply drum pad with 2 3D circles. I want to go back and design a 1/4“ tripod round screw in the center. This should be very simply. But it sounds like this is not the case.