Aligning grouped objects

In Shapr3D, aligning an object that is within a group to a face in another group only moves the object and not the objects that are grouped with it. This makes aligning one group of objects with another a manual task rather than a simple align step.

This could be contrasted with assemblies in Solidworks where mates are used to align groups of objects. Shapr folders are not assemblies, they are just convenient ways of managing objects within a design.

Workflow would be improved if the content of Shapr folders performed more like assemblies and could be aligned en bloc.

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Hi Chris, you can select multiple objects and use the Align tool on the selection. Have you tried that?


having same issue, designing a sandbox (simply to learn S3D) but resizing is terrible… (1) I cannot resize using absolute sizes, and (2) if I use a workaround I need to update all other bodies as well

And no, scaling is not an option as I do need to have exact sizes for the rectangle shape (so I would prefer resizing bodies and having constraints for other elements, eg centered between two other bodies)

is this possible?

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You can use Scale to resize to exact sizes. For example, you have have a height of 7.2mm and you need it to be 8mm. After you select the Scale tool, click on the slider and from there enter 8 divided by 7.2 and click on Enter (twice).


Thanks a lot, that is a nice gimmick that I did not realize! And it worked!

Related (although not exactly same topic), seems like this way it also changes the angle of the upper bar a bit (supposed to be 45 deg). Is there a quick way to set it again? I now tried selecting the two lines, I can see in the measurements that it is now 52 deg, need to go back to 45. I realized I could do this in the body using the approach described here, but a faster and more direct approach would be appreciated.

Can I somehow simply change the angle (in this case back to 45 deg)?

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I see your problem and the problem is using Scale to achieve what you want to do. I believe what you want to do is ‘stretch’ a group of bodies to suite. Not only does the angle change from 45° to 52° in your example when using Scale, the upper and lower parts also expand to a larger wall thickness so to speak.
I suggest moving the one mitered plank and extend the vertical planks by using either Replace Face or Move-Rotate as in this example.

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Great help - again! This indeed solves my second problem. Only one left as fas as I know, maybe we’ll get a triple header here :wink:

If I apply these techniques, the horizontal parts can be angled and resized as I wish. The issue left is that the vertical pieces still then need to be replaced manually as far as my current knowledge goes. The vertical pillars on the long side should be at 25%, 50% and 75% of the length of the horizontal pieces. I now did that with manual positioning, requiring replacing all of them when resizing. I know I can add constraints (to some extent) in the 2D sketching but I’ve been adding and positioning them in 3D. Is there a way to give these vertical pieces a relative positiion to the horizontal part?

Many thanks already for your help so far, much appreciated !!

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Sorry to say that I don’t know of an easy way to move the pillars per your need. I would probably just calculate the new position(s) and move them accordingly. Another approach would be to delete all but one (per side) and use the Pattern tool. Perhaps others can offer a better solution.

Thanks for another quick reply! I’ll test and report back!

Here’s a method where I used the Pattern tool. I first removed the pillars that need repositioning. In my example, the new distance at the inner length is 28mm and the width of a pillar is 2mm. Use the Pattern tool for a quantity of 5 and a total distance of 28mm - 2mm (inner length minus pillar width) = 26mm.

That turned again out to be very helpful, thanks! Just tried and although this indeed is not exactly what I asked for, it is that quick that it is an excellend replacement. Moreover, it also helps to create the other items much quicker… so for now happy to continue this way, will experiment a bit further. Thanks again!

ooo - nifty. i didn’t realize you could do that. thanks!