How to align complex objects into grid?

image Dear all,
I just discovered Shapr3d and spending now some hours to find out if its worth diving into it. I am doing some 3d printing and design for my hobby, no commercial or nob at all. And I am coming to the point that i need a bit more than TinkerCAD. However i do not want to spend all my leisure time into a deep learning curve on high end tools such as Solidworks or Fusion 360 or whatever.

After passing a couple of video tutorials so far S3d looks promising to me.

However, I am facing now a problem with getting a couple of complex 3D objetcs aligned to a virtual grid. The objects shall then have equal distances to each other. After that i would want to group them all together then bring this 90 degrees vertical andto move it into the wall of that box on the screenshot here, perfectly vertically and horizontally centred in the side of the box.

As a next step i would want to substract these “grided” group of round objects from the box wall object.
Which would result into a nice wall full of round holes, which have softened edges.
(Does this explanation makes sense to you? Sorry for my English i am not native speaker)


Select all your objects and with the transform tool you can rotate around a seleced line to 90 degree.
With the translate tool you can place the objects on your box surface, then yoo can push into the wall , and subtract from ithem.

But you can draw on the box surface your objects…

Thx for the drawing piece :slight_smile:

However i still have the problem to align and center all these circles on the wall evenly?

How can i achieve that?

You can move all objects together if you select all ( double tap with the pencil).
If you edit the right place on your box wall you can alaign with the traslate tool.
I allways draw a circle for it brceasue the start and the end ponits wiil snap to the right place.

May be at night will show …

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