Aligning two surfaces

As you can see I have a platform I want to align with a base. By manually tweaking alignment I can get pretty close, but is there a quick way to align the two solids? Thanks!

I think transfer and then point to point

Do you want the blue object (platform I presume) to sit on top of the angles body?

Are they both angled the same? If yes, then use Translate per 4dxp’s reply above. Let us know if you need assistance using Translate.

They are not angled the same, so I was wondering if there was a way to align them that wasn’t purely manual. Thanks.

I do not know of a way to easily align. But it can be done manually. Here’s a method that works.
There are several steps involved. If you choose this route, let me know if you need assistance.

Regards, Mike

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I think needs to thinking another way
Try to draw again the blue part on the angeled surface , because you will got parelell bodies.
After use the translate , corner to corner

Here’s a short video on how to align them and using translate snapping them together.

  1. Select the two faces and check the difference in alignment (works with planar surfaces)

  2. Rotate one of the bodies

  3. Use Translate

@JST is right, drawing in-context helps you precisely position bodies. This said, 3D snapping is something that is quite high on our prio list currently.


There is a good selection of methods offered above, please will you share with us the one you found most useful? Or perhaps you found an alternative?
Doing so may help the Community. Thank you.